Backblast – Pain in the Park – Log PT

7 Pax joined in the humid morning air: Boone’s Farm, Hook’em, Gilmore, Dr Evil, Checkbook, Kay and Shear Conn (Q)

Mozying WOR: SSH’s in the cul-de-sac, mozy to Cotton Pickers behind the school, mozy to West Mtn for Chinooks, Sungods & Hurdler Stretches. (Some of the most painful groans came at this point,) Mozy back to the park.

The Thang: Pax paired up by height and selected a timber from the back of the truck.

With log overhead, mozy to bus lot behind the school. Starting on the lower end, each team did 20 log curls, drop the log then bear crawl to the upper end while pushing the log in front.

“Believe me, the more of us who walk upright the more of us will need chiropractors.”

Pick up the log and do 20 log overhead presses each side. Teams lunged (with log on shoulder) back to the low side of the lot. Rinse & Repeat.

After a 10 count, shoulder logs and wozy to the track. Drop logs on the track. (There were some threats to start a bonfire, but no one had a match.)

Without the logs: Run 2 laps & stop for 10 pullups each lap

Pax then shouldered the logs and returned to the cul-de-sac. Lying our backs and to the song “Sail” by Awolnation, the teams bench pressed the logs to the beat. With each “Sail” do a situp.

Welcome to the Lumberjack Club

Mary: LBCs, Hammers

Announcements: Pumpkin Loading at MSUMC next saturday at 9:00 am

Prayer concerns: Mulligan & family, Alexis. Checkbook’s father took a fall but is OK. (Concerns about aging.)

Hook’em led us out.

It’s been a fun week -thanks for letting me lead.

Shear Conn