Backblast – Flashbang Friday

A large group of 28 turned out this morning. Apparently after Poison Ivey, there was an expectation that the Q would bring jelly donuts each time. Dr Evil, Hookem, Fudd, Crankbait, Special Ed, Kay, Deliverance, Madoff, Boones Farm, Pacer, Bambi, Blue Hen, Red Hot, Epstein, Sprinkler, Far Side, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Elaine, Florida, Tarde, Checkbook (Jiggy), Slice-n-Dice, Radar, Flounder, Sludge, Dean, Shear Conn (Q)

WOR: 20 SSH, 20 Cotton Pickers, 13 Sun gods each way, Hillbilles

To the tunes of “Get Jiggy With It”: Plank and do one mercan for each “Jiggy” (3-1/2 minutes & mercans) Credit to Checkbook for this one.

4 corners on the track + 10 pullups. Corner 1: 27 Mtn climbers in cadence – Lunge to Corner 2: 27 WWIIs, run to Corner 3: 27 Lt Dans, Bear Crawl to Corner 4: 27 LBCs in cadence. Bear crawl up hill/ crab walk down for the Six.

Mozy to BBall court & partner up. Partner A: Suicides/Partner B: Thigh masters. (Credit to Sludg for this one.) Swap when A is finished. Rinse and Repaeat.

2nd round – Partner A: Suicides/PartnerB: LBCs. Swap and then Rinse & Repeat.

Mary: Cindy Crawfords / 41 hammers.

Announcements: Pumpkin loading at MSUMC next Staurday (10/5) at 9:00 am. All hands appreciated.

Prayer Concerns: Mulligan & family/ Alexis.

Far Side led us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Shear Conn