Post Blast – Stretch Marks

8 Pax gathered this morning: Shear Conn (Q), Radar, Deliverance, Flounder, Florida, Lucky Charms, Checkbook & Prodigal Sludge, who upon hearing John Denver’s “Back Home Again”, came running back from his misguided foray to the Murph with tears streaming – promising to never again stray.

The pax were instructed to “Do as the Q says”, not
“Do as the Q does”. Look at each other for proper form.

Mumblechatter was very low to start with. Partly due to the John Denver reject album. Once the Q switched to JD’s Greatest Hits, the Pax slowly came back to life.

Signing up for the Q got me to Stretch Marks. Now I’m hooked. 45 minutes of concentrated stretching is really good after the intense workouts we do the other days of the week.

Thanks for letting me take the lead on this one. I’ll turn the Q back over for a while though, until I’ve learned proper form from the masters.

Shear Conn.