Post Blast – Poison Ivey / Northern Aggression

20 Pax gathered in the gloom for a few history lessons from “The War of Northern Aggression” that will not soon be forgotten: Madoff, Flounder, Kay, Fudd, Boone’s Farm, Epstein, Lucky Charms, Checkbook, Sludge, Deliverance, Crankbait, Bambi, Dean, Mulligan, Sprinkler, Tarde, Pacer, Blue Hen, Slice n Dice, Shear Conn (Q)

After a short mozy to the big lot: 20 SSH, 20 Cotton Pickers, 13 Sungods each direction, 5 slow stretch merkins.

The Thang: Madoff led us on a short mozy through the countryside and over fox holes to the battlefield for a reenactment of Pickett’s Charge. (Which should have been named “General Lee’s How to Lose 6000 Troops in a Day”.) Unlike the Confederates (since we are much wiser in hindsight), the pax were instructed to duck cannon fire and to retreat before too many were lost. So: Beginning at the Ivey entrance, the Pax were instructed to run towards Shields Road, doing a merkan at each light (to duck cannonballs). The first Pax (Pickett) to make it to Shields road would see General Meade’s troops on the ridge and sound the retreat. As Pickett (Kay) retreated, everyone else followed and returned safely to the Confederate line- with a sprint for the last portion.

One victory for the Federals.

Next on to Cedar Mountain in Culpepper Va, where the Northern Aggressors attacked General Stonewall Jackson’s regiment. In this battle, Stonewall’s troops were almost knocked down, but came back to defeat General Banks. To reenact this battle, we mozeyed to the hill for 11’s. Johnny Rebs (WWIIs) at the top / Lt Dans at the bottom. (Because, if you remember from Forest Gump, Lt Dan had a forefather that fought and died in every American war – including the Civil War.) There would be no retreat in this battle, so all Pax finished.

One victory for the Confederacy

With the score tied, we stopped the war and focused on more entertaining history.

In honor of the 12th Wisconsin Volunteer’s mascot (a bear) that marched with the troops from Wisconsin to Missouri, we bear crawled from the low side of the parking lot to “Misery” on the opposite side. * Note that, once the first bear reached Misery, the Pax were allowed to walk it out if they agreed to sign up to Q.

Mary: After the Q came sliding in on a used condom (slicker than a banana peel) We reenacted “Spooning” by doing Cindy Crawfords – 10 each side. Thankfully it was well above freezing and the Pax were able to keep enough distance for personal zone comfort.

Then Dean led us in the Jellyfish – a brilliant exercise that he created and Crawdaddy named. (Actually, I think it had more to do with laziness than brilliance, but nonetheless a great Mary exercise.)

In honor of the Jellyfish, the Q proclaimed this day National Jellyfish Day. Dean was presented with a jellyfish T shirt and the Pax enjoyed jelly donuts after we closed. (Hate you missed this one Crawdaddy.)

Announcements: Stretch Marks & Murphday on Thursday.

Sign up to Q at least once a month.

Prayer Concerns: Pray for Mulligan, his M and 2.0 as they travel to Memphis to visit with Alexis. Alexis has been hospitalized with pneumonia and is not doing well.

Sludge led us out.

Always and honor. Shear Conn