Post Blast – RW&Blue /Feats of Strength

19 Pax gathered to chose their source of pain this morning: Tenderfoot, Deliverance, Slice n Dice, Water Wings, Tarde, Madoff, Hookem, Red Hot, Epstein, Flounder, Florida, Sludge, Checkbook, Radar, Gilmore, Elaine, Bambi, Dean (Soulmate) and Shear Conn (Q)

With very little mumblechatter due to the residual brisket and beer, we commenced WOR with Reps = today’s date: 23 SSH, 23 Cotton Pickers & 23 sun gods.

While the Q set Feats of Strength in motion, Slice N Dice led the RW&B group with 23 mountain climbers and a couple of other exercises to keep the group entertained.

Feats of Strength: 11 pain stations were set up on the basketball court: Lawnmower left arm (25# dumbell), Lawnmower right arm (25# dumbell), Dead lift (70# barbell), Tricep extension (20# dive wts), Jump rope, Curls (20# dive wts), Dips, Stepups, Rollups with 10# wt, Chain squats (Chain over neck). The Timing Chain was used to determine the length of each set: In a bear crawl position – drag the chain forward with one hand, bear crawl up, drag the chain again, bear crawl forward – Repeat full length of the court + distance to concession stand. Then entire group rotates clockwise and next timer drags the chain back across the court. (Background music: 90s alternative)

RW&B: Mozy to the big parking lot above the baseball field. Starting at the parking lines – Burpee at first line, Bobby Hurley at second line. Repeat all the way to the last line.

Mozy to the track for 3 circuits: 10 pullups, run halfway around track, 10 prisoner getups, run back to pullup bars. Rinse and repeat 2 times. Second round 10 reps. Third round 3 reps. Early finishers rewarded with bear crawls/ crab walks on the hill.

Mozy to carpool lot for 3 laps: Starting on the benches – 23 erkins, run to rails for 10 big boy situps, lunge to steps and run stairs/ back to benches, 23 stepups each leg (Each leg since Gilmore asked), back to rail for 10 big boys, lunge to steps, 23 dips. One more lap to the rails with only 3 big boys on the last lap.

Mozy back around via mountain street to the court

Mary: 23 Cindy Crawfords each side, 23 low slow flutters

Announcements: Northern Aggression group will meet at Ivey Redmond this Wednesday for a family reunion with the Southern Poison Ivey group.

Water Wings birthday yesterday – 9-22. (5 birthday burpees to celebrate)

Silent prayer concerns.

Tarde led us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Be sure to sign up to Q. You’re going to be there, so go ahead and sign up. If everyone will commit to lead at least once a month, we’ll have no problem keeping the Q sheet full for at least 2 weeks out. (Also, be advised that the pain level may increase this week proportional to the number of open spots in the Q sheet for the month of October. Sign up!)

Looking forward to Wednesday!

Shear Conn