Backblast: Pain in the Park 9/21

8 PAX gathered for a conditioning workout to improve speed, strength and agility, Powderpuff, Sprinkler, Epstein, Doubtfire, Boone’s Farm, Dr. Evil, FNG (formerly known as Brian and forever known going forward in F3 as “Twinkie”) and YHC.

WOR – Q was seeking to jazz up the normal mundane routine and threw out some new exercises to warm up – High Knees, High Knee Jumps, Lunge w/twist, Frankenstein, Straight Leg, Inchworm and Handcuff Merkins – PAX were mostly receptive…

Image result for jazz hands gif
Q inspiring PAX for new WOR

THANG – split into two groups – for 30’s – merkins and WWI – Q was a little overzealous with this one (math is hard) and quickly backed it down to 20’s | Box Drill – sprint, side shuffle, back pedal, carioca and wall sit – groups rotated for 5 rounds | plank line with high knees PAX rotated – merkin after every rotation – up and down the bball court | finished with gassers x 10 sprints up and back down bball court

Image result for after sprinting gif
PAX after gassers

MARY – also wanting to spice this up Q rolled out some new ones and some that aren’t the normal go-to – Dead Bug, Usain Bolt LBC, Windtalker WWII, LSF, Bird Dog and Hammer

COT – prayer requests for Slice N Dice, Powderpuff’s brother Zachary (police officer), Twinkie’s mother Vicky battling stage 4 cancer

Sprinkler lead us out

An honor to lead men – Bambi

PS – a little hype for those Happy Appy’s