Backblast – Flash Bang Friday 9/20/19

22 PAX enjoyed a nice taste of Fall with the temperature edging into the Kay breaks out winter clothes zone. Having had a long and tiring week, YHC chose to keep things simple. With the cooler weather YHC wanted to make sure that the PAXs’ muscles were warm and loose, so to get things started we moseyed the long way to the warm-a-rama circle. The long way included much mumblechatter about my poor sense of direction.

Upon reaching the circle, our extended warm up consisted of;
Sun Gods – sobriety or drunk style

From there we moseyed to the bus lot behind the school where the thang would take place. Although the winkie was simple, I knew that Dean would be able to keep his heart rate high.

The thang;
Cones were laid out somewhere between eight and ten yards apart.

At the 1st cone perform one rep of the prescribed exercise,
At the 2nd cone, 2 reps
3rd cone, 3 reps
4th cone, 4 reps
5th cone, 3 reps
6th cone, 2 reps
7th cone, 1 rep
Then return to start and move to the next exercise. Once the PAX completed the ten listed exercises, rinse and repeat until time is called.

The exercises were;
Thigh master (IC)
Mtn. climbers (IC)
Carolina dry docks
180 jump squats
Hand release merkins
Bobby Hurley
Shoulder taps (IC)
Star jumps

Omaha was called during the rinse and repeat and the PAX returned to the basketball court to visit Mary. Mary showed us pretzel crunches, Cindy Crawford’s, LBCs, & American hammers.

Your PAX included; Dr. Evil, Red Hot, Whamo, Fudd, Spurrier, Boones Farm, Deliverance, Bambi, Checkbook, Lovey, Epstein, Tenderfoot, Toto, Crankbait, Special Ed, Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Flounder, Pacer, Gilmore, Dean, and Mulligan (QIC).

Kay’s run this weekend
Presbyterian Pilgram happening Oct. 10, 11, 12, & 13 and this is the last week to sign up
Fudd’s first real test post surgery and he felt good

Having no spoken prayer requests, Gilmore led us out.

Hope you got enough.