Backblast: Northern Aggression, BLIMP SIGHTING

Twelve hardy Pax including YHC joined together in the cooling gloom.

Pax: Gilmore, Epstein, Checkbook, Sludge, Elaine, Madoff, Lovie, Mulligan, Jane, Flounder, Boone’s Farm, Dr. Evil (QIC)


  • SSH’s, 25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers, 15IC
  • Peter Parkers, 15 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 15IC, Reverso

The Thang, Part 1

BLIMPS, 5 burpees, 10 lunges (both legs), 15 Imperial Walkers (both legs), 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats

As a group, repeat all of the exercises in each of the four corners of the field in Harmon Park. Wait for the six after rounds 3 and 4 in a BTTW.

The Thang, Part 2

Groups of 3–Pax 1 runs the street/sidewalk around Harmon Park as the timer. Pax 2 does low slow flutters. Pax 3 does jumping squats.

The Thang, Part 3


  • First round, do 1 Merkin and 1 LBC IC. Repeat for 2-10.
  • Second round, repeat with Derkins and Dips #crowdpleaser


  • 50–count ’em–LBC’s IC
  • 15 Pretzel Crunches, reverso
  • 20 American Hammers, Epstein Style


  • October 5–MSUMC Pumpkin Unload, great for showing off your F3 leadership and muscles
  • Sludge’s Mom’s sister passed–pray for the family. She was 98–
  • Next week is Shear Conn week, not to be confused with Shark Week. Northern Aggression will be held at Ivey Redmon next week–like old times.
  • Murphday is Thursday! Come Get Some!

Always an honor, I hope you got enough.


Dr. Evil