Backblast. Pain in the Park, Saturday September 14, 2019. Return of the F3 Barkley.

8 Pax including YHC scoffed at the heat and humidity as September continues to act like August.  Dr.Evil, Gilmore, Doubtfire, Special Ed, Elaine, Epstein, south charlotte visitor, Swiss Miss, and YHC, Checkbook. 

WOR: ssh’s, dean vigodas, chinooks, mtn climbers.

The Thang: A diamond shaped course, slightly greater than a half mile was set up around Kernersville Elementary School.  A pain station at each point of the diamond. The challenge was to mosey 5 laps, alternating clockwise and counter clockwise.  Clockwise pain stations were LBCs, WWIs, Freddie mercuries, and crunch frogs.  Counter clockwise pain stations were plank jacks, CDDs, sun gods, and merkins.  All in LARGE numbers.

A complete Barkley Race is completion of 5 laps (GPS-clocked at 3.0 miles).  A former running of the F3 Barkley rendered 0 finishers.  This Pax was having non of that.  Dr. Evil (after completing extra credit of a mini-murph) came within one pain station of completing 7 laps.  Doubtfire was close on his heels.  All other Pax members completed at least 5 laps.  T-claps to the entire group! Looks like the rising F3 tide is lifting all ships.  

6MOM: After Gilmore made nice with the Cat Lady, we moved from the warm-up circle to less disruptive position to the side of the school for imperial squat walkers, cindy crawfords, box cutters and American hammers.

8 thoroughly sweat-soaked Pax members then headed into their Saturday.

Announcements: Doubtfire’s 2.0 is selling Boston-butts (also known as Belichicks), raising money to fund a youth baseball team trip to Cooperstown.  Sale ends Friday.  See Doubtfire’s F2 post to purchase a nice piece of butt.

Look for a Kernersville F3 convergence workout on Wednesday the 25th at Ivey Redman.  Shear Conn lead.  Sure to be plenty sucky.  No logs, or logging chains please Mr. Conn.

Checkbook took us out.

Always an honor, gentlemen.   

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