Backblast – Poison Ivy – 9/11/19 -Creampuff challenge south – fall edition – a Crawaddy production


Pax: Dean, Hook ’em, Gilmore, Crankbait, Shearcon, Boones Farm, Bambi, Crawdaddy (QIC)

8 brave souls gathered under starry skies and in a soup of humidity that made them long for the 12 degree Q’s to come in a few months.  Chatter was light and the stretching started early.  Hook’em showed for his sophomore Q and was embraced by the Ivy faithfull.


After a no disclaimer start we mosey’d up the hill for WAR.

WAR: 15 X Side Straddle Hops, Frankensteins, Chinooks, Hurdler stretch, Cotton pickers

A quick run through of the course gave some the willies and others a false sense of what may be possible.  Either way, it was time to start and the course came at us like a spider monkey. There was no way out.


With a course record of 7:17 set by Kryptonite on 2/27/19 in jeopardy, he was conveniently out of town and a no show to defend his title.  The pax started as a group but quickly there was a breakaway from the peloton by Shearcon and Boone’s Farm and they never looked back.  End of round one both had beaten the course record and psyched up for a second go..  Round two finished with many guys bettering their times, Dean with a tie and some just dreaming of a Sheetz run (QIC included).

When the smoke cleared Shearcon hoisted the belt having owned the course and proving age is just a number and anything is possible when no one is looking.


Actual footage of Shearcon and Boone’s Farm manhandling the course record, as Bambi looks on.

T-claps to Crankbait and Hook’em who dug deep and finished under full steam. And best wishes to Gilmore who gave it his best but posted a DNF on the second round.  Keep the faith buddy, if Dean can keep coming back and never correctly complete an exercise, all are welcome and these things are but a minor setback..


Final times as follows:

                 Round 1        Round 2

Shearcon                    6:40        6:31

Boone’s Farm             7:08        6:38

Bambi                           7:53       8:22

Crawdaddy                  7:58       7:51

Dean                              8:10       8:10

Gilmore                         8:55      DNF – medical waiver

Crankbait                      9:10      11:12

Hook’em                         9:10      11:12

Mosey to lower lot for Mary


10X Dying Cockroaches , Cindy Crawfords, Jellyfish and 25 American Hammers

Prayers and concerns:

Congrats to Duvet and Sabath, Fudd for a speedy recovery, April and Alexis, and remeberance of 9/11.

Crankbait led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents.

CD – out!!