Flashbang Friday: Your Fate is in Your Hands

Loyal Pax congregated for a quick disclaimer and mission statement and we were off for the darkest parking lot in Kernersville.

Pax: Deliverance, Madoff, Red Hot, Flounder, Fortran, Elaine, Blue Hen, Epstein, Shear Conn, Fudd, Tary, FloRida, Boone’s Farm, Sludge, Hamster, Slice & Dice, Bambi, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Crankbait, Dean, Mulligan, Gilmore, Dr. Evil (QIC)

  • Warmarama
  • SSH’S, 25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers, 20 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 30IC, Reverso

To the track for the Thang

Four stations around track, two possible exercises at each station determined by a large dime.

Progress to next station based on roll of die–maximum is 6 stations or 1.5 laps of track.

Totally in your hands of what you experience.

Each team does number of exercises times number of Pax per team. Teamwork, gentlemen. Always the opportunity to modify up or down.

Beautifully explained based on the lack of confusion by the Pax. Surprising, really.

  • Station 1: 15 pull ups or 30 Squats
  • Station 2: 15 Prisoner Get ups or 40 Monkey Humpers
  • Station 3: 30 Merkins or 15 Burpees
  • Station 4: 20 Starman or 30 Carolina Dry Docks


American Hammers 25IC


  • Water Wings, Hamstring
  • Hurricane victims
  • Duvet in TN (now we know :))
  • Fudd surgery Monday
  • Man Hands
  • Trampstamp
  • Beth Green at KES, needs kidney transplant
  • April and Alexis

Mulligan led us out.

Always an honor, sorry for the late post.

Hope you got enough lounging around the track.

Dr. Evil

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