Back-blast for RW&B Monday 9/9/19 – The 3 Mile Challenge Redux

A welcome, disclaimer, and Warm o Rama were expertly led by Flounder. Then the Pax split into two groups. Weight lifters followed Flounder to the Far-Side memorial tennis court. YHC led the runners to the Cul de Sac.

Runners counted off. We had 8 runners total. YHC gave quick reminder about safety, and essentially you are responsible for you.

Instructions were given for the 3 mile run, to be completed within 30 minutes. Here was the course:

  • Start at Cul de Sac in 4th of July Park
  • Take Mtn St. to old downtown, at the intersection w/ Main St.
  • South on Main St to Korner’s Folly
  • North on Main St to Giada’s
  • Back to intersection of Main St. and Mtn
  • Return via Mtn street
  • Finish at Cul de Sac in 4th of July Park
  • Modify the route and your pace as necessary

NEW for 9/9/19…. Speed Bump Burpees! Anyone running faster than YHC did 5 Burpees when passing the Post Office, turning at the Folly, and turning at Giadas.

For those who finished sooner, there were 9 pain stations at the finish line.

Initially we brought back 7 runners. Elaine made us a bit nervous, but finally showed up to make it 8.

Image result for whew gif
Whew! We were worried about Elaine for a minute there.

We had at least one overachiever who showed up for early EC run, and then did feats of strength…

Image result for not worthy gif


  • AH x20 IC


  • Runners (8): Slice and Dice, Shear Conn, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Dean, Radar, Elaine, and Tarde (Co-Q)
  • Weight-lifters (12): Epstein, Blue Hen, Deliverance, Red Hott, Checkbook, Mulligan, Bambi, Crankbait, Special Ed, Sprinkler, FNG , Flounder (Co-Q)
  • Cameo by Dr. Evil
  • FNG “Rick” is a W-S Police Officer. Likes the Oklahoma Sooners and Pittsburgh Steelers. YHC really wanted to name him O’Donnell (Pittsburg QB). Red Hott put forth a strong suggestion of “Beavo”. But from hereforth he will be known in F3 as “Hook ’em”, as suggested by Bambi.

Announcements and prayer concerns:

  • Fudd having a medical procedure
  • Praise that Duvet has a new 2.0, whom we will refer to as “blankie”
  • April, Alexis and family
  • Man Hands
  • Tramp Stamp
  • Tarde traveling to Texas for a funeral this week

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde.