Backblast – Northern Aggression – Repeat of Wheel of Pain – 9/4/19

11 PAX posted at Harmon Park this morning for a repeat of the Wheel of Pain. The PAX: Checkbook, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Dr. Evil, Radar, Jane, Blue Hen, Flounder, Mulligan, Sludge, Deliverance (Q).

Warmarama: SSH’s – 15 IC; Dean Vigodas – 12 IC; Hillbillies – 12 IC; Seam Rippers – 12 IC; Sun Gods – 12 IC each way.

The Thang: We made our way across Main St. to the circle in front of the Town Hall to begin the Wheel of Pain.

There were 12 exercises that targeted abs, chest, and legs. One exercise at each end of the six sidewalks (spokes) located around the circle (wheel).  Do the exercise at each end of the wheel spoke and rotate clockwise around the wheel until Omaha was called. I think most finished about 2.5 to 3 trips around the wheel.  Exercises were done with K.C. & The Sunshine Band station in the background.


Spoke 1: Dying cockroaches – 10 IC, Merkins – 20

Spoke 2: Monkey humpers – 20, Pretzel crunches – 15 each side

Spoke 3: Burpees – 10, Thighmasters – 15 each leg

Spoke 4: WWI’s – 15, Carolina Dry Docks – 20

Spoke 5: Copperhead squats – 15, Crunchy frogs – 20

Spoke 6: Plank Jacks – 20, Lt. Dans – 10

Moseyed back to the bank parking lot for Mary: LBC’s – 15 IC; Cindy Crawfords – 12 IC each side; Box cutters – 12 IC; Freddie Mercurys – 12 IC; American Hammers – 20 IC.

Announcements: One year F3 anniversary for Boone’s Farm; keep Duvet and his family in your prayers as they travel to Tennessee to have their second child; keep the school kids in your prayers, especially those that may be the victims of bullying; pray for those who experienced the destruction of hurricane Dorian.

Sludge led us out.

Always an honor, Deliverance

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