Backblast – The Number of the Counting Shall Be Three – Flash Bang Friday 8/30/19

20 curious PAX – Shear Conn, Radar, Chipper, Pacer, Dr. Evil, FloRida, Epstein, Fudd, Mulligan, Crankbait, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Checkbook, Boone’s Farm, Tarde, Slice & Dice, Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, Dean and YHC Fortran, gathered in the gloom on a crisp fall-like morning to see why the number was three. After a recital of the F3 mission statement and some comments on YHC’s volume control, the group moseyed to the warm-a-rama circle.

SSH x 10 (counting is hard)

Dean Vigodas x 10

Hillbillys x 10

The Thang:

The PAX counted off in threes (thanks a lot Dr. Evil) and dispersed to the three shelters for the following, moseying to the next shelter between sets #specifydirectionnexttime

Shelter 1

(All reps x 10)

1) Step Ups,   Dips and   Crunchy Frogs(IC)

2) Monkey Humpers(IC),   Hand Release Merkins and   Crab Cakes(IC)

3) Frankensteins(IC),   Inverted Rows and   Freddy Mercurys(IC)

Shelter 2

(All reps x 10)

1) Bobby Hurleys,   Derkins   and  Low Slow Flutters(IC)

2) Smurf Jacks(IC),   Carolina Dry Docks   and   Nolan Ryans(IC)

3) Imperial Squat Walkers,   Makhtar N’Diayes   and   Reverse Crunches(IC)

Shelter 3

(All reps x 10)

1) Copperhead Squats,   Merkins   and   Box Cutters

2) Prisoner Getups,   Alternating Shoulder Taps(IC)   and   Dying Cockroaches(IC)

3) Chinook Squats,   Mountain Climbers(IC)   and   Dollys(IC)

The timing worked out well as a few favorites were revisited at the end while the last group made their way back to Shelter 1. Then off to the basketball courts for Mary.

LBCs x 15 (or something like LBC’s)

Cindy Crawfords x 15/side

American Hammers x 30

Prayers for the family and friends left behind by the person who took their own life earlier this week.

Bonfire at Crawdaddy’s tomorrow night, 8/31. See slack for details.

It was my honor to lead on the third anniversary of my first post. See ya next year.