“Baby development” – Poison Ivey Backblast 8.28.2019

Baby development in the womb takes a lot of work. This morning, we had the pleasure of exercising our way through some of the milestones of this adventure. 8 brave PAX attended: Dean, Fudd, Shear Conn, Crankbait, Bambi, Lucky Charms, Tarde, and YHC.

Tarde coming in hot after Warm O Rama had already begun.

After a very very short disclaimer, we moseyed around the lower lot. Warm O Rama:

  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
  • Dean Vigodas X 10
  • Seam Rippers X 15 IC
  • Helicopters X 12 IC
  • Hillbillies

YHC explained there would be a bit of a narrative for how today’s queue would be centered around various stages of baby development – to which @Dean replied “just don’t do anything with conception”. First stop … Conception!

  • Pickle Pounders X 15
  • Nolan Ryan’s X 15 each side

We picked up our “babies” (bricks) and moseyed up to the upper lot where our audience of Kernersville’s finest were present. Next stop Ultrasound!

  • Bobby Hurley’s X 15 each arm (because we’re excited to have a baby)
  • Merkins X 15
  • Pull-ups X 10 OYO (because of too much excitement from the ultrasound)

We partnered up for the next two rounds. The Gender reveal had us all scrambling:

  • Partner 1 – sprint to island and back X 2
  • Partner 2 – Curls with two “babies” until partner 1 finishes – swap
  • Partner 1 – sprint to island and back X 2
  • Partner 2 – Gorilla squats with two “babies” until partner 1 finishes – swap

The gender reveal was a crowd pleaser, so rinse and repeat!

Crankbait after round two

Next stop was the Baby shower over at the concession area.

  • Partner 1 – stairs X 2
  • Partner 2 – dips with weights
  • Partner 1 – stairs X 2
  • Partner 2 – step ups
  • Rinse and repeat

Final stop was for the Birthday or day of birth near the dirt pile.

  • Man makers X 10
  • Monkey Humpers X 15 IC
  • Rinse and repeat

Postpartum started to kick in at this point so it was a jailbreak to drop those babies off then move to MOM:

  • Dean led Jellyfish X 15 IC
  • Crankbait let LBC’s X 15 IC
  • Hammers X 15 IC


  • Trampstamp / Manhands – keep them lifted
  • Fudd’s M helping with 22 year old addict who needs surgery but must be clean 6 months to be operated on – needs the Lord’s touch!
  • YHC’s M and sleep and final weeks

Crankbait led us out!

Always an honor to lead! Hope you got enough.

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