“Playtime” – Feats of Strength Backblast 8/26/19

WARM-O-RAMA was expertly led by FloRida.  See his backblast. Then the bootcampers went their way, and the feats of strengthers went our way.  

The Feats of Strength Thang: Playtime

Partner up @skatepark. Partner 1 – stays @center ramp, repeating a weighted exercise until Partner 2 returns.  Partner 2 – Run to any other ramp, do unweighted reps. Partner 2 is the timer. Switch and repeat until Omaha called after approx 3 sets.  

We did the following while enjoying the sounds of Pandora “Hair Bands Radio”.  The playlist included AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, and Metallica. 

Image result for hair band gif
Pax jumping off ramps in the skatepark.
While listening to loud rock music.
(And not thinking about whether the cops will be called)
  • Playtime 1
    • P1 Lawn mowers 10 single count, then switch arms. 
    • P2 – Decline LBCs x20IC
    • R&R for 3 sets
  • Playtime 2
    • P1 – Curls
    • P2 – Derkins x22
    • R&R for 3 sets
  • Playtime 3
    • P1 – Gorilla Squats
    • P2 – Leg raises x10
    • R&R for 3 sets
  • Playtime 4
    • P1 – Turkish get ups
    • P2 – Crawl bear to ramp, derkins x5, then bear crawl back
    • R&R for 3 sets
  • Playtime 5
    • P1 – Nolan Ryan x10 each side
    • P2 – Decline Freddie Mercury x15IC
    • R&R for 3 sets

6 MOM – It was awesome to hear Pax singing “Feats of Strength” to the chorus of Motley Crue “Girls Girls Girls”.  I believe someone asked about jello shooters during this song????? Made it difficult to count while YHC was laughing.

  • Cindy Crawford x11IC right side, x11IC left side
  • Low Slow Flutters x11IC
  • Freddie Mercury x22IC
  • AH x25IC
Image result for girls girls girls gif
Pandora’s shuffle delivered the perfect song at just the right time.


  • Count-o-rama: 27 with the Co-Qs
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: 
    • Pray for kids and teachers starting back at school
    • Pray that drivers do not pass stopped school busses
    • Man Hands
    • Tramp Stamp
    • Mulligan’s neice, Alexis
    • Slice and Dice looking for a job
    • Pray for Fudd, having back issues
    • Lucky Charms leading Labor Day workout 9/2, 1 hour 6AM-7AM
    • Might be a need for helping move furniture for Next Step ministry, details to come
  • After Crawdaddy asked, we went ahead did Name-o-rama: FloRida (Co-Q), Mulligan, Boone’s Farm, Elaine, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Dean, Crawdaddy, Shear-conn, Pacer, Bambi, Jane, Wham-O, Radar, Lovie, Red Hotttt, Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Flounder, Deliverance, Checkbook, Duvet, Waterwings, Crankbait, Epstein, Chipper, Tarde (Co-Q)
  • BOM:  Gilmore led us out in prayer

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde