BackBlast – Red White Boom August 26 – First Day of School

25 eager Pax joined Co-Q’s Dr. Tarde and YHC for the first day of school. A drop in temperature, the opportunity for a new start and a top locker, and the smell of fresh paint in the hallway cranked up the anticipation to a fever. As every middle school principal knows, the best way to avoid trouble from a fidgety Pax is to keep it occupied with sports:


  • Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC
  • Seam Rippers x 15 IC
  • Hillbillies x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC


Mosey to the Library to check out a textbook. Carry your textbook everywhere. Don’t lose it or you won’t be able to graduate.

Geometry class: Mosey to the guardrail for Decline Planks in Triangle (arms at 6 inches) and Trapezoid (arms fully extended). Structural engineers in attendance were quick to recognize the Pythagorean Theorem and calculate the length of their hypotenuse.

French class: Locate the Porte Cochere (thank you, Sprinkler) and mosey there.

History class: Sevens, alternating Lt Dans at the porte cochere and WWI situps at the outdoor theater stage. Keep your textbook handy. Extra credit points to Bambi and Dr. Evil for textbook overhead during Lt. Dans and textbook carry during WWIs.

Mosey to the bus lot. Monkey Humper speed bump to re-assemble the stretched-out Pax, then mosey on to the track for:

Algebra class: Solve for X. Assume X = count of quality, full range pullups to failure. Complete:

  • 4X Squats
  • 3X LBC
  • 2X Merkins
  • X Pullups
  • Select new X and rinse and repeat 3 cycles

Physics lab: Mosey to pickup benches for demonstration of cantilever – one side unsupported. Stand and straighten L Leg out pistol-style. Slowly sit down using R Leg only, then stand back up. Repeat 5x each leg. 2 sets.

Physics lab, part 2: Mosey to sidewalk rail for upper body cantilever – one arm inverted rows. 5x each arm. Almost time for the closing bell and the mumblechatter was deafening.

Graduation procession back to rejoin Dr. Tarde and the strongmen, with stops for Monkey Humpers in the bus lot and a visit to the library to return the books.

On a personal note, today my youngest starts her HS senior year, marking the 24th and final First Day for me and the M.

Always a joy to participate and an honor to lead. FloRida

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