Backblast. Pain in the Park Saturday. 8/24/19

10 Pax braved the frozen tundra of green bay….wait a minute….different documentary…an unseasonably cool morning to celebrate the 365 X 2 anniversary for YHC.

Sludge, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Duvet, Elaine, Gilmore, Spurrier, Luck Charm, Muligan, and YHC who endured a full-Pax onslaught of Urkel-impression shenanigans after showing up dressed to impress… tucking in his shirttail.  Real Peyton Place kind of stuff.  

Disclaimer completed, we moseyed to the basketball court for WOR.  15 Side straddle Hops (missed you Pacer), 10 Dean Vagodas, 10 Seam Rippers, 10 Mtn. Climbers, and we were off to shelter #1 to get our Thang on.

Moseing from shelter to shelter we made a series of quick stops for a traditional “30 for 30” style workout.  

Stop 1 – 30 dips, 30 WWIs, 30 dips.  Stop 2 – 30 thigh masters, 30 merkins, 30 thigh masters.  Stop 3 – 30 LBCs, 30 copperhead squats, 30 LBCs.  Stop 4 – CDDs, 30 reverse LBCs, 30 CDDs.  Stop5 – 30 copperhead squats, 30 erkins, 30 copperhead squats.  Stop 6 – 30 low slow flutters, 30 monkey humpers, 30 low slow flutters.  Stop 7 – 30 merkins, 30 Freddie mercuries, 30 merkins.  Stop 8 – 30 step-ups, 30 erkins, 30 step-ups.  PAUSED here to announce we had completed 730 (365 X 2) reps.  Stop 9 – 30 left leg pretzel crunches, 30 lunges, 30 right leg pretzel crunches.  Stop 10 – 30 dips, 30 WWIs, 30 dips. 

Moseyed to the basketball court for 6MOM: 30 left side cindy crawfords, 30 right side cindy crawfords.  THAT’S a lot of times to do cindy.  supermans, american hammers.  

1,030 total reps…

Praise – Epstein announced an hour-old niece.  Must have taken her first breath as the disclaimer was being botched. 

Announcements – Labor Day workout, Q’ed by Lucky Charms will launch at 6:00 and go for an hour.  F3 golf-tournament in the works for September (tucked shirts required).  Lots of empty spaces on the Q sheet.

Prayers – Dr. Evil’s in-laws moved from Richmond to the Triad.  Father-in-law suffering dementia.  Tough road for all involved…especially the M.

YHC led us out.  Always an honor!

-Checbook, out.