Mystery Q

22 with the Q posted this morning.

Lucky Charms, Epstein, Duvet, Mulligan, Bambi, Chipper, Elaine, Fudd, Slice & Dice, Boons Farm, Crawdaddy, Special Hernia, Check Book, Water Wings, Sheercon, Flounder, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Dean, Madoff, Florida, and Sludge.

Short mosey to the warm up circle and then to the basketball court for Warmarama.

Deans, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Chinook, Plank, Plank Jacks, Plank

The Thang

We broke up into 3 groups by Age. And went to our appointed shelters. We traveled clockwise from shelter to shelter and every time you crossed a bridge you had a choice of 7 burpee’s or 5 Lt. Dan’s. Your would do one exercise off of the page and travel to next shelter.

Was called and we gathered up the papers and went to the Basketball court for Marry. (Thanks to those who picked up the papers)


Rosalita’s, WWI, Dollies, Reverse LBC’s, Wide leg American Hammers


Joys Sprinkler School starting back, Sheercon ability for our bodies to heal

Prayers and Concerns Dr. Evil’s M and In laws

CrawDaddy’s Labor Day weekend bonfire on Saturday 31st posted on slack

Gilmore took us out in prayer.

Birthday Merkins for Special Hernia 43 yrs young today.

Always a pleasure and a honor. Hope you all got enough.