F3 Ladder – Poison Ivey Backblast – 8/21/19

In anticipation of possible Mud Run at Ivey, some Pax wore their mud shoes. There was a buzz in the air…

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WARM-O-RAMA with audience participation

  • SSH x20IC
  • Dean Vigodas – led by Dean
  • Matt Biondi – led by Crawdaddy
  • Dippin’ Dots – led by Bambi
  • Nancy Kerrigans – led by Chipper 
  • Mountain Climbers – led by Crankbait
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Chipper leading Nancy Kerrigans like this…


Each round was about 4-5 mins. An exercise is called for each round.  During the round, sprint back and forth across the designated area, performing the called exercise at each end.  The exercise count ladders up from 1, 2, 3…and so on. Omaha called at the conclusion of each round. 

Ladder rounds:

  • Turkish get ups
  • Crab Cakes IC (travel by Crab walk)
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Ladder round 1 looked like…

Break from the Ladder @Baseball dugout

  • Wall sits, with 5 dips on knees of each Pax

Ladder rounds:

  • CDDs
  • Burpees
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Ladder round 2 looked like…

Break from the Ladder @Soccer snack bar, Partner up

  • P1 – Gorilla Squats
  • P2 – Roll a trash can out/back across parking lot
  • Switch and repeat until Omaha called
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Pax were amazing at trash can rolling
Trash GIF
Pax wanted to do this after a few rounds of rolling trash cans

Ladder rounds:

  • LBCs
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Ladder round 3 looked like…


  • Jellyfish – led by Dean 
  • Cindy Crawford x11IC right side, x12IC left side
  • Freddie Mercury x20IC
  • Hurricane flutters x30
  • AH x15IC
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All Pax had a great time


  • Count-o-rama: 6 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Dean, Bambi, Chipper, Crankbait, Cradaddy, Tarde (Q).
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: 
    • Pray for kids and teachers starting back at school
    • Man Hands
    • Tramp Stamp
    • Dean taking on a new teaching gig
    • Crankbait job restructuring
    • Mulligan’s neice, Alexis
  • BOM: Crawdaddy led us out in prayer

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde

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Q motto

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