Backblast: Red, White & Boom – 8/19

24 PAX gathered for a humid Monday morning beatdown, RW&B: Sludge, Boone’s Farm, Sprinkler, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Gilmore, Water Wings, Shear Conn, Jane, Tenderfoot, Crawdaddy, Fudd, Dean and YHC – FOS: Deliverance, Tarde, Mulligan, Duvet, Epstein, Cousin Eddie, Checkbook, Flounder, Madoff and FloRida.

Flounder opened with a diminutive disclaimer and F3 mission statement and led us in WOR – see post. Group broke into FOS or RW&B

RW&B consisted of a game of ‘horse race’ card game using the beat down box. PAX split up into 3 groups and chose suits and picked horse names – moseyed to AO of bus pick up, where QIC explained the rules.

Q setup the game and proceeded to flip the first card, PAX did exercise prescribed on the card and ‘Steak-umms’ got a strong start out of the gate. Continued pattern of flipping cards and performing exercise until all horses were out of the gates. After gate 1, ‘Steak-umms’ continued the strong lead followed by ‘Sofanda Peters’ and ‘Ricky Bobby’ bringing up the rear.

Image result for horse racing gif
‘Steak-umms’ with the strong start

In the end ‘Steak-umms’ early lead proved to be too much and held off a late charge by ‘Sofonda Peters’ while ‘Ricky Bobby’ stumbled.

Image result for late charge horse race gif
‘Sofonda Peters’ late charge
Image result for horse race fail gif
‘Ricky Bobby’ struggling to get through the gates

PAX moseyed to bbal courts for Mary – Hammers

COT – Happy birthday Tarde, Welcome back Shear Conn Prayers: Kairos, Fudd Surgery, Milligan’s sister, Colin, @crankbait, @ncchargerfan, @man-hands

Sludge led us out

An honor to lead, Bambi

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