Backblast: Pain in the (Harmon) Park – Saturday 8/17/2019

12 hearty PAX gathered on a very humid Saturday morning at Harmon Park, after QIC mistakenly mentioned the wrong park for today due to the Honeybee Festival. They were: Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Checkbook, Pacer, Cousin Eddie, Mad Max, Hobbs, Gilmore, Flounder, Bambi, Epstein, Doubtfire (QIC).

We started off with a mosey through the bank parking lot to the gazebo area at the front of the park for:

Slow Abe Vigodas (10x)
Imperial walkers (15x)
Cotton pickers (15x)
Sun gods, sobriety Style (10x each way)

Thang 1
Mosey to the Swisher Automotive Parking Lot for the Circle Burp. Loved by all, hated by none, completed in record time “to get it over with.”

Thang 2
Mosey to MSUMC parking lot front corner. For each exercise below, perform the exercise, then do a lap around the grassy area along Main Street.
25 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Crab Cakes
25 Jumping Spiders
25 Squats
25 Crunchy Frogs
25 Plank Jacks

Several PAX asked if the crab bakes, crunchy frogs, and plank jacks were in cadence or not. Of course, since they asked, the answer was YES.

Checkbook gave us a 10 count and then we did R&R on the first three exercises. QIC said not in cadence this time, but I can’t seem to count very well at that time of the morning, so the crab cakes were again in cadence

Thang 3
Mosey to 1st Citizens Bank parking lot. Along the way:
At every light pole, do 10 SSH in cadence
At every telephone pole, do 5 plank dips (which are different thank pickle pounders)
At every pole combined telephone/light pole, do 5 burpees
At the bank, go up and down the parking lot doing bear crawls, performing 2 Bobby Hurleys at every second line.
It was about this time that Gilmore mentioned this should be the last time Doubtfire Q’s on a Saturday. 🙂

Thang 4
Mosey to the shelter at the lower end of Harmon Park for:
11’s of Jump Ups and Curb Bangers

Walk to parking lot for
Low Dollys (15x)
Cindy Crawfords (12x each side)
Freddie Mercury’s (15x)
Hammers (25x)

Prayer Concerns
Dr Evil and crew returned to Central Prison today for Kairos follow up
New Empty Nesters from their kids going to college
Mulligan’s family
Hobbs led us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Hope you got enough.

Doubtfire (QIC)