Backblast: Flashbang Friday – 8/16

23 brave PAX, Yukon, Madoff, Dr. Evil, FloRida, Sludge, Epstein, Fudd, Duvet, Mulligan, Crankbait, Flounder, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Checkbook, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Far Side, Tarde, Slice & Dice, Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, Dean and YHC Bambi, gathered in the gloom and humidity of 4th of July for a ‘get yo Friday on’ beat down. After a recital of the F3 mission statement, might I add to a T, moseyed to the normal AO for WOR.

Image result for its friday gif
PAX before the Thang

WOR: Dip N Dots, Sun Gods, Dean Vigoda, Helicopter, SSH

As Gilmore referenced the potential for needing his optional AO, QIC set him up for success as we moseyed towards the bball courts.

The Thang: QIC laid out instructions for Station 1, albeit a bit zealous but, we all pushed ourselves – Chest and Shoulders – exploding curb merkins x 10 & handstand pushups AMRAP – partner up, rotate & complete 3 rounds

Image result for what the gif
PAX after hearing instructions for Station 1
Image result for im sore gif
PAX after Station 1

Station 2 – Legs and Core – curb monkey humpers x 10 for 3 rounds & WWI AMRAP – QIC called an audible as PAX weren’t getting enough MH and bumped the count to 20 and we went for 2 more rounds, partners rotate

PAX indian run moseyed to bus pickup benches for 2 more stations

Station 3 – Legs and Back – single leg squats x 10 ea. for 3 rounds & reverse grip rows, partners rotate

Station 4 – Chest and Legs – Urkin Clap x 10 for 3 rounds & jump squats AMRAP, partners rotate

Image result for my muscles hurt gif
PAX after Station 4, what arms?

PAX indian run mosey to bball courts in two lines for Mary.

Mary: Indian style WWI, LSF, dead bug, LBC, Hammers

Announcements: AO for Pain in the Park 8/17 – Harmon Park

Prayer Requests: Fudd surgery, Cora and Whitaker, Squidward’s M, Duvet’s M, men at central prison keeping the faith, April & Alexis, new & returning college students & their families

Crankbait led us out

An honor to lead, Bambi