2019-08-14 Poison Ivey Backblast

8 Pax including the Q met in the steamy lower bowels of Ivey Redmond to play football and rugby while working out…it started with YHC having to put air into Bambi’s balls, as they had reached Tom Brady like levels. After seeing no FNGs, a ho-hum disclaimer was given and we did a Bambi led Rugby style indian run to the upper lot for WOR

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Thank you to Bambi for Coming (with balls) to Dean’s Party Q

After a fantastic Bambi production, we arrived for the WOR of SSH, Dean Vigodas, Sun Gods, and Stretches…It should be noted that Man Hand’s friends were our audience all morning

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Two of K-ville’s finest watched our football and Rugby skills

We then did the first iteration of pass/catch with 2x burpee penalty. Basically everyone throws and catches a pass. Drops were not tolerated, so 2x burpee penalty. While PAX cycled through we did:



Carolina Dry Docks

Lt. Dans

Then we did fumble/interception drill where Chipper dominated…

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Chipper gathering the loose balls…

We then did another round of pass/catch…Lucky and Bambi held us together on this while YHC continuously threw terrible passes to Tarde..

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Dean to Tarde Evertime
Image result for odell beckham jr catch gif
Bambi Saving us from Burpees

We then did a LONG Indian Run with the rugby balls…Crawdaddy had to take cover multiple times from YHC’s terrible throws…seeing a theme here…Then off to the lower lot for Mary’s of LBC, Homer/Marge, Cyndys by Lucky, and Hammers by Chipper (and then Duvet went off the RAILS!) So Duvet got the last word in with 5x more hammers

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Interview with Fudd after the posting…But he did it like a champ!
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Duvet and Chipper going at it…

Fudd, Chipper, Tarde, Bambi, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Dean
Announcements/Prayer Requests: Crawdaddy is back safe! Man Hands, Trampstamp, Thin Mint

Tarde took us out

An honor to facilitate,