Backblast: Flashbang Friday, Souvenirs

22 Loyal Pax posted in the wet grass morning for a workout 100% inspired by the Dogpile in Richmond, VA. After an inspiring disclaimer, the pax moseyed to the basketball court for …

Pax: Dean, Crawdaddy, Fortran, Gilmore, Boone’s Farm, Red Hot, Crankbait, Blue Hen, Fudd, Checkbook, Tardy, Epstein, Duvet, Slice & Dice, Sprinkler, Bambi, Flounder, Deliverance, FloRida, Water Wings, Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil (QIC)


  • Abe Vigodas, 10 IC
  • Sun Gods, SS, 15 IC, Reverso
  • Scorpions, 10 IC (lying on your belly, move your right leg so that it touches behind your left leg, repeat with your left leg over your right…YHC apologies for replying “dumba$$” when a loyal pax complained that it was working for him.

Let’s mosey to the drive beside the elementary school and pair up. Once again, YHC apologies for telling a loyal pax to “just watch everyone else, they understand”.

Partner 1: Run to gate and return to relieve Partner B who is doing one of the following exercises, in this order:

  • Bear Crawl
  • Crawl Bear
  • Crab Walk
  • Polar Bear (3 bear crawls with a merkin

Mosey to hills at bottom of bus circle. Impromptu half pipe created… On one hill, do jump squats, the other hill do donkey kicks. Progress from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20. Plank when you’re done. There was discussion of the difference between mules and donkeys. For your education:

Mule is a hybrid animal from crossing a jack (male Donkey) and a mare (female horse). Well, the first difference between a Donkey and a Mule is related to its reproductive system. Donkeys can reproduce but Mules do not reproduce. A Muleis in fact sterile.

Catch me if you can across top field:

  • Partner A runs backwards
  • Partner B completes 3 burpees and then chases Partner A
  • Partner A does burpeess…..

Split into 3’s

  • Pax A runs across field and up hill to parking lot and returns
  • Pax B does scissor kicks
  • Pax C does WWII’s
  • Upon Return of Pax A, everyone rotates…
  • Complete 3 runs for each pax for groups of 3, 4 runs for groups of 2

Mosey to Cul de Sac

Burpee shuffle: YHC apologizes for the last time for poor directions.

Image result for bad leadership meme
  • In the future, everyone runs in place. A pax calls “Burpee” and EVERYONE does a burpee. The next pax in the circle ensures everyone has gotten up and calls “Burpee”. This is repeated until everyone gets a chance to call “Burpee” and then the Q calls “Burpee.”


  • Barbara (Evil’s sister)
  • Crankbait’s mom
  • Alexis
  • Praise for Checkbook’s prayer concern, anxiety by a family member
  • Far Side’s 2.0 with medical concerns even after returning from Chicago
  • Hampster’s family issue that he raised on Wednesday
  • FloRida surgery (everyone offered to help)
  • Family of Peggy Phillips (local teacher who passed)
  • Tramp Stamp
  • Man Hands
  • Blue Hen led us out

Thanks for letting me lead–I hope you got enough.


Dr. Evil