Poison Ivy – Weds 7/31/19 – “A severe case of the sniffles” A Dean.. er uhhh Crawdaddy Production


With Dean on death’s door contracting an unknown illness somewhere between a mild chill and Ebola, he threw Crawdaddy under the next passing bus to run the Q.

Pax: Lucky Charms, Duvet, Hampster, Bambi, Chipper, Fudd, Crawdaddy (QIC)

7 brave souls willing to fly with a substitute captain embraced the balmy morning.  Duvet at the outset wisely calling there would be no wet hill or bearcrawl.  Seeing no FNG’s the disclaimer was passed on and the indifferent mob slid into a slowsie lap then headed up the hill.

15x SSH
10x Dean Vigodas
10x Seam Ripper
Hurdler’s Stretches Each leg
15x Forward/backward Sun Gods

Pax to stairs to embrace 7’s Merkins top / squats at bottom.
Then 11s of playground for pull-up and benches at concessions for Dips in cadence
Finish with Dean Suicides (Ivey Edition).  So start at bottom of hill (or stairs) and run each parking lot line until time is called.

Jailbreak to cars for Mary
15x Jellyfish
21 Hammers

Thoughts are with Dean as he tries to recover – stay hydrated buddy.


Prayers and concerns – safe travels for Tarde and Boy Scouts, Trampstamp and Man Hands, Hampster and his wife Allison dealing with family matters.

Hampster led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents- even when I didn’t ask for it…

Crawdaddy Out!