Backblast – Northern Aggression 7/31/2019

20 PAX turned out to run a few hills in the gloom

Pax: Whamo (QIC), Flounder, Water Wings, Fortrane, Boones Farm, Lovie, Gilmore, Pacer, Checkbook, Slice & Dice, Jane, Dr Evil, Madoff, Elaine, Sludge, Kay, Epstein, Deliverance, Radar, Blue Hen


After a very brief safety reminder, we began a short mosey opposite started in the opposite direction of our destination (starting the mumble chatter) leading to Fidelity Bank for Warmorama.

Side Straddle Hops x 15

Sun Gods Sobriety Style x 10/Arm

Hillbillies x 10

The Thang

  1. Mosey to Hill near the police station.  Top of the hill was at the side street while the bottom was way off at the Pinnacle bank sign.  Distance = .25 for each combination of downhill/uphill. 
    1. Double 11’s
      1. Bottom Hill
        1. Exercise 1 – Monkey Humpers (IC)
        1. Exercise 2 – Reverse LBC’s (IC)
      1. Top Hill
        1. Exercise 1 – Merkins
        1. Exercise 2 – WW1’s


LBC x 20

American Hammers x 15

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Special Ed – recovering from ride to the hospital on Sunday

Dr Evil – 26 Year anniversary today

Deliverance’s daughter is moving back to the area to be closer to home.  No help required for this one.

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