Back blast Flash Bang – 7/26/19

Testing the waters of chance in the pre-blast, no one waited until the posted 6:30 starting time and 20 PAX, including Mulligan, QIC, arrived by 5:30. With a very abbreviated disclaimer and a instructions for the PAX to review the remainder of the disclaimer at we moseyed to the cul-de-sac for warm-o-rama consisting of:
and maybe something else.

From there the PAX beautifully counted off by 3’s. Group 1 to shelter 1, group 2 to shelter 2, and yep, group 3 to shelter 3. Each shelter presented the PAX with a different game of chance with a winning prize in each.

Shelter 1 was the spinning wheel; the prize was 10 count body destroyer.

Shelter 2; drawing from a hat; the prize was a 10 count

Shelter 3; F3 card deck; the prize was the Joker

After performing the chance winning exercise the groups moved to the next shelter performed the winning exercise and so on and so on until the YHC called it.

We then moseyed to the basketball court for Mary:
Cindy Crawfords
Freddy Mercury

The PAX; Boone’s Farm, Lovey, Blue Hen, Crawdaddy, Water Wings, Flounder, Slice n Dice, Yankee, Dr Evil, Kay, Madoff, Deliverance, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Radar, Duvet, Elaine, Epstein, Crankbait and Mulligan (QIC)

Prayers for Crankbaits’ kids getting wisdom teeth removed, and his mother for her fainting spells and hoping they can find the root cause.

Thanks to Dr Evil for taking us out.

Always my pleasure and thanks for having fun.