Backblast – Weds 7/24/19 -Poison Ivy – The fun never starts

A Crawdaddy impromptu production

Pax: Tarde, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Dean and Crawdaddy (QIC)

5 hardy souls with no plan, joined a chorus of frogs to breath in the cool crisp air of late July. Outside of the QIC the roles were played by.


Tarde – who was only 8 minutes late – way to go pal.


Duvet – The “there’s one in every crowd” Grammar Nazi / mother you never asked for.


Dean – Who’s constant yawning assured we all knew how bored he was with the Q and the company… If any of us had feelings, that would sting.


Lucky Charms – who hadn’t had so much fun since going to see the talking pictures as a kid during the Dust Bowl in the 30’s.


Short lap mosey around the lower lot, then up the hill to the arena of fun.  Tarde rolled in on 2 wheels in a stolen Civic and joined the pax.

15 X Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Chinooks, Hurdler, Butterfly and back stretches, Frankenstein’s.

The Thang:

Warmed up, disgruntled and chatty, we slowsied up to the main road for Pole-a-palooza.  Run to main road stopping in order for 1 Burpee, next pole 2 Merkins, next pole 3 split Jacks... at halfway point we doubled down for 2, 4 and 6.

Reaching the road and deciding we were now a long way from home, we rallied and returned hitting 1 4X4, 5 LBC’s and 5 Caputians… Again, halfway through doubling the count.

Crossing the line and Dean barley able to keep his eyes open, we headed back up to the main lot to play with dice.

1 dice was multiplier x3… second dice was exercise on list as follows:

  1. Crunchy Frogs 2. Baryshnikov’s, 3. Merkins, 4. Low Slow Flutters, 5. Orangutan Squats, 6. Box cutters.

We hit the whole list except 3 and 6, and ran the stairs between each set.  Even threw in 5 Jellyfish at the end to laugh (not with) Dean…  Wanting to move on with our lives, we called for Indian Run down hill for Mary.


15 American Hammers.

Prayer Concerns:  2 Times and Scouts at World Jamboree, Man hands and his Scouts, Tramp Stamp and Man Hands.

Dean led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents..


Crawdaddy Out Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.





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