2019-07-22 R-W-Boom Backblast

25? PAX descended into the gloom to take on the heat/humidity head on.

Madoff, Epstein, Elaine, Jane, Radar, Water Wings, Hamster, Duvet, Mulligan, Checkbook (on no sleep after a late night flight), Deliverance, Blue Hen, Flounder, Lovie, Slice-n-Dice, Fortran, Fudd, Chipper, Boone’s Farm, Crawdaddy (Soulmate), Kay, Sludge, Red Hot, Dean (Q2)

After Flounder led an exceptional Warm-a-rama we split into RWB and FOS. The RWB crew headed for all three shelters for:

Shelter #1 – Dips, Derkins, Irkins

Shelter #2 – Step-ups, Flamingo Squats

Shelter #3 – Himalayan Humpers, World War 1s, Box Jumps

Then to the Tennis courts for 2x Partner wheel-barrow (or lunges)


Then to the baseball field for DEAN’S SUICIDE HILLS. This consists of suicides with (3) hills. The short one to the parking lot. then to the power pole, then to up the hill by the track. This proved harder than anticipated, which warmed my heart, literally and figuratively.

Then 10x Pull-up and a lap around the track.

Then Lt. Step-ups at the outdoor amphitheater.

Random Musings Via GIF

Image result for can't grow mustache gif
Crawdaddy’s Mustache after (3) weeks without shaving. Well done sir!
Image result for man shirt off gif
Epstein before the workout even started
Image result for partner wheel barrow gif
Fudd on the wheel Barrow Carry…so fast it was like he had a wheel!
Image result for don't need sleep gif
Checkbook after arriving at PTI last night at midnight…He doesn’t sleep…he waits up for F3
Image result for he doth protest too much gif
Hamster (who continually says his name is Hollywood) appeared before a House committee to request a name change.

Prayer Requests/Announcements

Missing Adopted kid in Clemmons. Join K’s 200 mile relay, Checkbook’s cousins daughter struggling with anxiety. Jane took us out

Honor to Co-lead with the man, the myth, the living legend, Flounder,


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