Red, White and Boom Backblast 7/15/19

Even with the very slim possibility of snoozing their alarm for an extra hr, 23 PAX showed up to my (Slice n Dice) first V-Q to see what kind of shenanigans we could come up with. With the lack of any F.N.Gs and after a very short 14.23 sec disclaimer We moseyed to the circle, where my compadre Tarde lead the PAX in a warmorama including:

  • 20 IC SSH
  • 10 IC Abe Vigodas
  • 10 IC Imperial Walkers
  • 15 IC Seam Rippers

Tarde lead the F.O.S PAX to the the great unknown, while the other PAX blindly followed me into the Darkness.

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The face Maddoff gave as he realized he forgot his hello kitty security blankie!

The Thang: As we slowly moseyed to take in the scenery not stopping until we reach the safety of the dreaded Tennis Courts-( Nothing good can ever happen there as the PAX soon confirmed that) We split into groups of 3, little did the group know this was only the beginning of a love triangle awkwardness. With all the groups picked out, the games were ready to begin…

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A trio “Broken Wheelbarrow” was called as the first exercise. Love Triangle # 1 (LT) held LT #2 and #3 legs, but only one of each for what looked like a balancing game of complete hurt. Down to the end of the court to ensure the love or pain, whichever you wanna call it was spread evenly.

After everyone had their chance to enjoy the benefit of being the wheel barrow we moseyed to the lower parking lot. LT #1 performed a High Plank, LT #2 Peoples chair, when in conjunction with High Plank became known as a “Couch Potato.” LT#3 ran to the end of the parking lot where 10 donkey kick merkin were on the list of shenanigans. After calling a rinse and repeat, I think the PAX all agreed at this point the Q was just being an…

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Mosey to the Baseball field:

Lt#1 x 10 Prisoner Get Ups

LT#2 x10 Sumo Squats- They are as Gnarly as they sound

LT#3 Backward Hills x3 Rotate with yet another rinse and repeat called, I regretted that last set!

My ADD doesnt like sitting in one place to long so we moseyed to the playground, to enjoy the sunrise while LT#1 ran a lap, LT#2 & LT#3 switched between a determined amount of 10 Pullups and Dips. Quickly realizing that wasnt enough for the Shirtless monster we call Epstein, it quickly turned into do it until its your turn to run suckers!

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Epstein:: Cough Cough:: Pansies:: Cough Cough

mosey to the upper parking lot- LT#1-LT#3 played a nostalgic game of leapfrog utilizing the newly created Frogger Squats. With the direction set to the fence line and a perfectly timed Trash truck, that the I had planned all along, we jumped over our Love Triangle partners to reach the other side with out being squashed

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With our final mosey around the front of the school and an impromptu Monkey-humper to welcome an oncoming car, we arrived fashionably late to the tennis courts where F.O.S laid claim to say they actually were working our rather than attempting to imitate a decent basketball player

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“Look ma, no hands!”

Mary included:

Homer/Marge/ and some randomly thrown Mr Burns

JamesBonds- That looked more like Charlies Angels- 10 secs on each side

Image result for charlies angels  gif

Finshed with American Hammers, I think the PAX was eagerly and impatiently waiting for the countdown which included Gilmore, Waterwings, Elaine, Jane, Hollywood ( Aka the one, the only Hamster 😉 ) Whamo, Checkbook, Tarde, Chipper, Blue Hen, Duvet, Flor-tran, Sludge, Madoff, Mulligan, Boones Farm, Special Ed( Depending on Day Double Hernia), Man Hands, Sprinkler, Bambi, Red Hot, Epstein, and Often intimidated never duplicated Slice n Dice.

Prayer request: Man Hands- strength through the storm of marriage

Sludge led us out

It was an honor, and all complaints will go to the appropriate place which is almost always picked up on Thursdays…

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