Feats of strength backblast 7/15/19

23 men showed up to get better in the gloom. My Co-Q Slice and Dice welcomed the Pax to F3, and we moseyed to the circle for warmorama:

  • SSH x20ic
  • Abe vigodas x10IC
  • Imperial walkers x10IC
  • Through the tunnel x15IC

Slice and dice led boot campers off on their merry way. I let the strongmen to the shed, to each fetch 2 brick pavers.

The Thang: “DNA transcription and RNA translation” at Fourth of July amphitheatre.

Pax lined up along the back row of benches. An exercise was called. All begin the exercise. Last in line completed 5 reps, then goes to front (like an Indian run with less running). Repeat. This process gradually moved the line down the row of benches (DNA). Excercises were performed with bricks when possible:

  • Squatting punch outs
  • Overhead presses
  • Copperhead squats
  • Merkins
  • A.H.
  • Curls
  • Turkish get ups (each side)
  • Step ups
  • LBCs
  • Nolan Ryan (each side)
  • Tricep press
The Turkish get ups were a crowd pleaser.

As a Q, it was an honor to overhear the Pax discuss the possibility of “defecting to the boot camp”. Then to hear another respond, “doesn’t that normally work the other way, with boot campers defecting to FOS?”

We returned the pavers to the shed and moseyed to the BB court. No sign of boot campers, so we did bonus rounds:

  • Partner 1 hold balls to the wall. Partner 2 runs suicides. Switch.
  • Still no sign of the boot campers
  • Repeat BTTW/suicides.
  • Still no sign of the boot campers
  • Pick up trash
  • Still no sign of the boot campers
  • Shoot basketball for a long while
  • Twiddle our thumbs
  • Boot campers finally show up for 6mom
Where are the boot campers?
(Keep in mind, my F3 name is Tardy)

See backblast from slice and dice for all the other details, including a full list of Pax.

It was an honor to get better with these 4 solid Pax: Mulligan, Blue hen, Duvet, and Chipper.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

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