Back blast – CPR Certified that’s right, CERTIFIED.

12 apprehensive PAX and one very forgiving and very brave M ascended on the chapel at Main St Methodist for a 2:30 to 3:00 session on CPR with the hopes of becoming proficient and knowledgable on the proper techniques for performing CPR on adults and infants and using an AED. Although one PAX, that I will not name directly, Dr., thought that if you shake a baby CPR was not necessary.

I am happy to report that all 12 PAX and M are now CPR and AED certified. They are; Dean, Dr. Evil, Deliverance, Far Side, Florida, Special Ed (Double Hernia), Gilmore, Pacer, Kay, Sprinkler, Fortran (A/V extraordinaire), Flounder, Flounder’s M, and yours truly Mulligan.

Very pleased that we now have so many that can help should the need arise, but pray this is one skill we will need to remember.

Over the next few months we can look at doing this again for those PAX that were interested but whose schedule did not work out this time.

Thanks to Ricardo Davis of Heartsavers USA, Fortran for handling the venue and A/V, and the PAX able to attend.

There may be photographic evidence in the near future. None of shaking babies.

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