2019-07-10 Poison Ivey Backblast

4 PAX joined Dean to make a total of (5) for the 1776 challenge….After some quick mumblechatter we moseyed to the upper parking lot for the thang

The Thang

We split into (2) groups. One group of two (Gilmore and Dean) and one group of three (Duvet, Crankbait, and Tarde) to split up the 1776 into half or thirds.

We then did all the exercises…It was amazing and terrible all at the same time.

Image result for slow clap gif
YHC after the PAX finished…Well done Tarde, Duvet, Crankbait and Gilmore. This was no easy workout!
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How I felt after the workout….#Merlot thoughts…And I’ll note I haven’t felt like that since my early days in F3…Props to Hello Kitty from F3 Carpex for a workout that pushes the limits.
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The PAX after completing the reps

We then did a short round of Marys of:



Homer/Marge/Fluttering Homer

American Hammers

Prayer Requests/Announcements: Pray for Williams Family who lost a father. Mr. Danny who needs lung surgery. Crankbait’s mother health. Praise for Crankbait, Sprinkler, and Doubtfire for leading trip. Coworker of Tarde that’s having hip replacement. Man Hands and Trampstamp.

An honor to lead,


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