Red, White, and Boom Monday – Humidity and Abs with an Attitude.

Pax, 6MOM, prayer concerns, and announcements to be posted by Tarde, who Q’ed Feats of Strength.  Boy, did they miss all the fun.

the WOR that interrupted Fortran and Dr. Evil’s conversation:
Side Straddle Hops – The Q’s least favorite – (2) IC
Dean Vagodas (10) IC
Chinooks (15) forward (15) backward
Helicopters (10)
Mtn. Climbers (12)

FOS and Bootcamp groups divide and conquer.

Moseyed to the bus parking lot behind the school.  To assign starting stations the Pax divided into groups of three. Then assigned identities of A, B, C, or D by height, within the sub-group of 1, 2, or 3.  Then assigned leaders and followers of each sub-group, based on right or left handedness….  Pax seemed confused.

A central pain station was set up in the middle of the parking lot with two rotating exercises. Hillbillies (15) IC and Imperial Walkers (15) IC which if done properly are ab exercises.  Mumble chatter said the Q was stating the obvious.  Three stations were set up in the far reaches of the parking lot.  The idea was to travel to a pain station and complete the first exercise on the list and then return to the center where you rotated between the Hillbillies and the Imperial Walkers.  Then travel to the next pain station and complete the first exercise on the list…and so forth… returning to the center after each exercise. 

Station 1: Squats (20), Thigh Masters (15 each leg), Lt. Dans (15), Monkey Humpers (20).
Station 2: WWIs (15), LBCs (25), Pretzel Crunches (15 each side), Cindy Crawfords (15 each side).
Station 3: Merkins (22), Carolina Dry Docks (25), Dips (30), Erkins (25).

30 minutes of repeated Hillbillies and Imperial Walkers ABSolutly suck, but disappointed in the overall degree of difficulty.  Needs to be ratcheted up for any repeat performance. Hmmm???  

Always a pleasure, gentlemen.  Checkbook, out!

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