Backblast for Feats of Strength 7/8/19

17 Pax assembled to jump-start the week this Monday. The gloom was soupy. Zero percent chance of evaporative cooling. Perfect for a Summertime beat down.

Warm O Rama was expertly led by Checkbook. See his Back blast for details. Except for the low count on the SSH, I cannot remember any of Checkbook’s WAR, mostly because the mumblechatter between Fortran and Dr Evil overtook everything else. It was a sign of things to come…

The FOS Thang

After WAR, the boot campers ran away, while the strongmen prepped for FOS. No official weights. We each grabbed 2 pavers from the shed, then headed for the tennis courts (actual tennis courts, not the far-side memorial courts).

Our first task was to figure out who had the most dominant traits, F3 style. This consisted of Sun Gods with paver coupons. Continue until failure. First to tap out was considered “recessive”. Last to tap out was “dominant”. The middle group was “heterozygous”. If you don’t know what any of this means, that’s probably a good thing.

Our most dominant FOS pax was Epstein. I guess my preblast was a predictive marker for this phenotype?

Who needs a shirt when you have Epstein’s dominant traits?

Epstein led us into the Tennis courts for the main thang. Punnett Squares.

Side note: YHC originally had engineered a complex system for using a Punnett Square to blend exercises, just as genes. But I didn’t want a Cataan debacle, so I simplified it. I believe Dean approved of the simple plan.

Dean soon regrets attending FOS

We then worked our way round and round the Punnett Square, rotating in 2 minute intervals. Just 2 minutes per exercise. Easy for the first 30-45 seconds. Excercises included the following, with coupons:

  • American hammers
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Turkish get ups
  • Newtons cradle
  • Sun gods
  • CDDs
  • Curls
  • Burpees
  • Tricep press
  • LBCs
  • Rowers (flying seagulls)
  • Balls to the wall (no coupons for this one)

Somewhere in there, we took a break for a gift that I brought back from F3 Grandstrand AO at Myrtle Beach. A couple of days ago, a great F3 brother named “Bluegrass” led an epic beat down that included wall sits and dips… together. The Pax wall sits, then one at a time does 5 dips on the knees of each of the wall-sitting Pax. This was a crowd pleaser. Dominant Epstein literally requested more dips on his knees.

Heterozygous Dean was glad there are no cameras in the park…
Recessive Deliverance said it all, by remaining completely silent.

Flounder joined YHC as a heterozygote today, but we all know he is dominant at FOS. Today he may have been sandbagging, in need of a break after 4 straight Q’s at FOS. (Hint: Someone else needs to sign up for FOS next Monday! Flounder will be downrange.)


Finally the boot campers came scurrying back, and the strongmen joined them for…


  • Low slow flutters x11 ic
  • Pretzel crunches x11 ic each side
  • AH x11 ic


Flounder, Deliverance, Dean, Epstein, Dr Evil, Sludge, Mulligan, Sprinkler, Fortran, Hollywood (the artist formerly known as Hampster), Toto, Crankbait, Boone’s farm, Waterwings, Slice and Dice, Checkbook (co-QIC), Tardy (co-QIC).

Announcements and prayers.

No one needs help moving this weekend.

CPR class tomorrow night. Contact Mulligan.

Pray for Man Hands and Tramp stamp.

The Mumblechatter, mostly from Dr. Evil and Fortran, was reaching epic ear shattering levels, so Crankbait stepped up and led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time,


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