Backblast – Poison Ivey – 7/3/2019

Three … count ’em, three loyal PAX arrived for an unplanned, no leader beatdown that had us all panting at the end of 45 minutes. Chipper, Fudd, and Duvet represent.


  • Side straddle hops
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Under the bridge / Seam rippers
  • Arm Circles & reverso – AKA – I forgot the F3 name
  • In honor of @checkbook, Imperial Squats
  • In honor of @luckycharms, Frankensteins

The Thang

Each PAX chooses a set of exercises before we mosey to the next randomly created station – Fudd picked first, so we headed to the picnic tables for

  • Dips
  • Derkins
  • Stepups

Chipper was up next, so he said let’s go do some hills. Upon arrival, Duvet stated “are there chiggers in that unmowed grass?” To not find out, we moseyed down to the stairs for 11’s – Merkins at the top, Lt. Dan’s at the bottom.

Surveying the tall grass

Duvet was up next, since there aren’t enough squats in Lt. Dan’s, the exercises chosen were Monkey Humpers, then jailbreak to playground for pull ups.

Fudd then had us mosey over to near the dumpster for burpees and copperhead squats. While exercising, the PAX thought it would be fun to run through the sprinklers that were spraying the outfield of the baseball field, so in honor of @dean and his childlike exuberance, both Fudd and Chipper ran through the sprinklers.

Meanwhile, this was Duvet in foul territory when it came to the sprinklers

We headed back to the benches for some Irkins and dips, then a mosey to the lower parking lot.

Mary included:

  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • Cindy’s
  • LBC’s
  • Crunchy Frog’s
  • Hammer’s

Prayers for the men leading others – Doubtfire, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Crawdaddy – also, reaching out to Trampstamp

Fudd led us out

Always an honor gents! Enjoy the 4th and be somewhat safe!