Backblast – Red, White and Boom – 7.1.19

22 PAX showed Monday who’s boss, Duvet, Chipper, Deliverance, Sludge, Blue Hen, Jane, Man Hands, Boone’s Farm, FNG – Hamster, Special Ed, Flounder (FOS Q), Water Wings, Tarde, Gilmore, Whamo, Fortran, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Red Hot, Madoff and QIC Bambi.

WOR – Q Flounder – see backblast

9 PAX split to FOS – see backblast

13 PAX, Chipper, Sludge, Jane, Man Hands, Boone’s Farm, FNG – Hamster, Special Ed, Gilmore, Whamo, Fortran, Dr. Evil Red Hot and QIC Bambi gathered to break in the new workout deck purchased by QIC.

After some quick calculus by QIC to divide 13 PAX into teams,

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Somebody had a case of the Monday’s

quick disclaimer on the beatdown, 5 card draw – wager is exercises, 5 cards were dealt to each team and mosey to upper lot with benches, led by sub-Q’s for each team Boone’s Farm, Jane and QIC

Each team performed each of the 5 exercises flawlessly and continued to draw cards and perform each exercise in an effort to get the best hand. Ace’s were 100 reps, face cards were 25 reps and all other cards were +10. Each team performed around 10 different exercises. Congrats to Boone’s Farm team with a Queen high flush. Wager was 25 squat thrusts paid in full after COT.

Moseyed back to the BBall courts.

Mary: Low Slow Flutters, Dead Bug Hammers

Named FNG (Micah Brown) Hamster, Welcome!


Announcements: CPR Class Tuesday, July 9 @ 6pm in the chapel at MSUMC – cost is $55 / Saturday, July 6 move in Kernersville after F3 / Welcome back Man Hands!

Prayers: Sprinkler & Crankbait middle school mission trip / Crawdaddy scout group

Gilmore lead us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Bambi.