Backblast – Pain in the Park – 6/29

14 PAX gathered at AO 4th of July to partake in the non-fartsack Saturday morning beatdown, Madoff, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Checkbook, Special Ed, Mulligan, Hobbes, Fudd, Duvet, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Boone’s Farm, Doubtfire and QIC Bambi.

QIC added another element to introduce passing rugby balls during indian run mosey after WOR. After a quick introduction, mosey past usual WOR AO to avoid the feline festivities


WOR: Dip & Dots, Sun Gods, Chinooks, HUGS, Abe Vigoda, Smurf Jacks

Image result for warm up workout for the warm up gif
PAX attempting Dip & Dots

Indian run & passing around bus and then car rider lane and back up the hill to the benches. PAX were passing like

A Rugby play
PAX mastering the rugby pass

QIC had to force a knock on to introduce penalty merkins

The Thang: (It always looks better on paper) partner up, partner 1 exercise AMRAP, partner 2 lap around and up stairs, switch – intent was x5 sets – QIC modification needed

RD 1 – Partner 1 – Superman Climbs – Partner 2 lap x 4 sets

RD 2 – Partner 1 – Split Squats – Partner 2 lap x 3 sets

RD 3 – Partner 1 – Urkins – Partner 2 lap x 3 sets

RD 4 – Partner 1 – Rocky Balboa – Partner 2 lap x 2 sets

Indian run & passing mosey same direction to BBall courts, “your other right”

Related image
PAX on the return indian run

MARY: Heals to Heaven (take 2, QIC fail), Low Slow Flutter, Sweat Angels, LBC, Dead Bug, Hammer, Bird Dog

Image result for leadership fail gif
QIC and Heals to Heaven

COT: – CPR Tuesday July 9 @ 6 in MSUMC Chapel, 16+ if 2.0 joining, $55/ea / July 6 move / Prayers for Kay’s M and Dr. Evil’s sister / reach out to a PAX / Gilmore lead us out

An honor to lead, Bambi

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