Flash Bang Friday June 28th

The Pax and 2 FNG’s  Posted this Humid Summer morning to meet Sally.  There are a few Pax that did not know Sally but they sure do now!!!  Thanks for the Q Yorkie.

Pax: Mulligan, Kay, Brass Monkey, Water Wings, Lucky Charms, Jordache, Yorkie, Far Side, Flounder, Dr. Evil, Boons Farm, Toto, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Chipper, Crank Bait, Dean, Deliverance, Pacer, Slice & Dice, Gilmore. Welcome 2 FNG’s  Nerd & Yankee

Q: Sludge

Mosey to the warm up circle for warmarama

Imperial Walkers

Cotton Pickers

Frankenstein’sRockette Style


Sun Gods

Mosey to tennis court

The Thang

There was a 3-minute mosey to each pain station.  Then we listened to the instruction from Moby and the song Flower(bring Sally Up bring Sally down)

  1. Merkins then mosey
  2. Squats then mosey
  3. Irkins then mosey
  4. Step ups then mosey
  5. Dips then mosey



                Crab Cakes

                Pretzel Crunches


Prayer Request and Praises

Kay’s M for Gallbladder Surgery

Man Hands and Tramp Stamp

Crawdaddy’s Trip

Crankbait and Sprinkler

CPR Certification 7-9-19 6pm

Farside led us out.

It is a privilege to lead and belong to this group.