Backblast – Pain in the Park Saturday – 6/22/19 – It’s how we roll…

Pax: epstein, dr. evil, sprinkler, powder puff, doubtfire, bird man, blue hen, gilmore, banjo, crawdaddy, pacer, boones farm.

Trying to bring a little something new to the table, and knowing that many were still feeling the effects of Friday’s leg-o-rama, YHC began the workout with a little dose of Stretch Marks action.  Some enhanced stretching.  Taking a little more time to warm up and stretch out the muscles before getting back after it. 

You’d think something like that would be appreciated…but you’d be wrong.  You’d have thought I wore a skirt and lip stick.  Pacer said his fit bit was giving him the finger and asking, “excuse me mam, are we going to be starting soon”?

I’m filing this one under “no good deed goes unpunished”.

Anyway, WOR was Stretch-O-Rama.

For the THANG, we counted off and divided into three even groups. We ended up with one group of two, one group of five, and another group of five…WTH?  Each group…or pair…traveled together between the three shelters.  At each shelter there was a pair of dice.  One die contained numbers of reps, or time frames for continuous reps.  The other die contained the names of six different exercises.  The idea was to complete three sets of exercises (or rolls) at each shelter before traveling to the next shelter.  Turned out to be harder than it sounds.  Stretch-O-Rama wasn’t looking so bad now.

6MOM was pretzel crunches, box cutters, super mans, cindy crawfords, American hammers, and non-stop mumblechatter.

Announcements and Prayer Concerns:
July 4th 5K.
July 6th another move.
Main Street UMC middle school mission trip.
 Mulligan’s niece, Alexis and family.
Man Hands and Tramp Stamp.

Always a pleasure, gentlemen.
-Checkbook, out!