Backblast – Pain in the Park Friday 6/21/19. A ZZ Top Production – It’s all about legs.

Pax: slice and dice, mulligan, bambi, dr. evil, pacer, red hot, gilmore, dean, tardy (ever noticed how he always checks his watch when he gives his name), madoff, epstein, sprinkler, chipper, elaine, fud, crank bait, radar (he ran home. did his car break down?), lucky charm, water wings, far side, deliverance, sludge, boones farm, flounder, blue hen, YHC Checkbook, and welcome FNG Powder Puff – (the nickname recommendation rose from somewhere on the far side of the COT) former EFHS and UNC-C quarterback. 

dean vogadas, sun gods, cotton pickers, chinooks, mountain climbers,  mumblechatter, mumblechatter, mumblechatter….

The Thang
mosey to the top of the bus parking lot.
lunge to the bottom of the lot.
imperial squats.
backwards run to the top of the lot.
lunge to the bottom of the lot.
backwards run to the top of the lot.
monkey humpers.
sprint to the bottom of the lot.
world war I sit-ups – cause the legs needed a break at this point.
sprint to the top of the lot.
dying cockroaches.
sprint to the bottom of the lot.
copper head squats.
sprint to the top of the lot.
more monkey humpers.

mosey to the sons of benches and partner up.
partner A completes 12 step ups/each leg while partner B does lunges.
partner A does 15 Himalayan monkey humpers IC while partner B does copper head squats.

mosey to the front of the school.
15 Lt. Dans.
20 LBCs IC
15 curb bangers

mosey to the warm-up circle, and then jail break to the bball court for 6MOM

crunchy frogs, LBCs, box cutters, cindy crawfords, american hammers.

Announcements and prayers
July 4th 5K. looking to build 4 relay teams of 4 men each.
July 6th 12 morons, 2 pick-ups and some SUVs to move an elderly woman who could probably complete the above beat down better than most of us….no offense, lucky charm.  Are these your girlfriends we keep moving?
After a grueling bout with cancer, sprinkler’s m-n-l had a cancer free scan…#powerofprayer…#joy.
Appalachian Service Project youth mission team returning from mission work.
Sher Con undergoing the knife to repair his stab-in-the-back wound from Dean.  Lets sign up for full-contact Australian rules football next.  No one should get hurt there.
Visit a foreign AO to expand your horizons…and see how there is no mumblechatter like Kernersville F3 mumblechatter.

Always a privilege, gentlemen.  Let’s do it again tomorrow.
-Checkbook out!

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