Backblast -Poison Ivey – “3,6,9 – The never ending poles” – Weds 6/19/19



A Crawdaddy production.

Pax: Luck Charms, Duvet, Dean, Crankbait, Bambi, Epstein, Gilmore, Crawdaddy (QIC)

As dawn rose over the field of play a lone Duvet awaited the gathering of his brothers in arms.  As the QIC pulled into the arena he quickly realized that his battle plan was based on far fewer light poles (which seemed to have doubled over night), and thus realized all was not well in camp.


The impending sense of gloom was heightened by Crankbait’s arrival and quickly attempting to run away only to find the “woods was locked” and he couldn’t get away. Only to be met by a ray of sunshine named Lucky Charms who was for some reason happy to be awake.  With fond memories of the day the Great War ended he greeted the Pax.


With any FNG too wise to join us we began in earnest.

Mosey to upper lot for Warm-o-rama.

10X SSH, Cotton Pickers, Chinooks, Frankensteins, Dean Vigotas (the late arriving Gilmore counting to set the pace) Imperial Walkers and Nancy Kerrigans

Slowsey up to the main road and pair up for the main event.

The Thang:

At each pole (yes each pole) 3 Burpees, 6 count High Knees & 9 Merkins.  (yes Each Pole)

Mode of travel forwards, then backwards run, alternating poles.

The magnitude of a ill written Q was quickly apparent.  Luckily the Pax was distracted by Epstein as usual ditching his shirt, only to be matched by his partner Gilmore doing the same.  Almost attempting to form some sort of a Village People tribute band?? Was quite captivating.  Although salon style Dean was not biting.


After 9 poles and the Merkins proving to be a real crowd pleaser- a change of plan was in order.

Switch to 3 WW1, 6 Reverse LBC and 9 Merkins… for another 9 poles..  Bringing the pax to the literal end of the road and full of satisfaction.  A point at which Bambi said with his eyes that we basically got the gist of what you were going for, but we’re done here.


Agreeing we formed an Indian walk line and made our way to the shelter.  The line featured a riveting discussion of Olympic rules governing speed walking, the term “sashe'”, jazz hands, Carlton, Tom Jones (and other famous people from Wales), Lucky Charms natural form with his torso and Dean practicing his fencing technique when he thought he was alone.

Things went well until Duvet exclaimed “at least we are done with Merkins”.  Group stopped and knocked out 9 merkins… things got quiet after that. Epstein was seen reaching for a shank if Duvet was to say another word.


Shelter marked our last stop.

3 Thigh Masters each leg, 6 Erkins and 9 Merkins – run stairs and repeat.

Brought final Merkin count to 189 for the morning – 207 if you count the Erkins – Well done fellas.

Mosey to lower lot for


10 x LBC, Cindy Crawfords, Freddy Mercury – at which point Dean’s Jellyflop was notably absent of any leg motion, which was quickly addressed.  It was also noted that if he spent as much time on his abs as he did on his facial manscaping he might be in better shape. Crankbait both pointed and laughed..


finish with Jellyfish and American Hammers.

Announcements /  Prayers

Toto’s return, Trampstamp, safe return of Tarde and Man Hands.  Reach out to folks to check in…

Move on July 6th.

Crankbait led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents…

Crawdaddy Out – Boyeeeeee!!







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