2019-06-17 Dean’s Ultimate Football Jamboree

22 Pax: Lovie, Boone’s Farm Island, Flipper, Flounder (Q), Cube, FloRida, Madoff, Sprinkler, Duvet, Gilmore, Deliverance, Blue Hen, Check Book, Mulligan, Red Hot, Elaine, Crankbait, Sludge, Water Wings, Jane, Shear Conn, Epstein, Dean (QIC)

After a fantastic warm-a-rama, 14 PAX went with YHC for some Ultimate Football. It wasn’t quite light enough, so we did do 20x Dips at benches, 15x inverted rows, and 15x step-ups each leg before heading to the field.

The teams:

Team Awesome – Boone’s Farm Island, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Red Hot, Water Wings, Shear Conn

Team Humility – Lovie, Flipper, Cube, Duvet, Elaine, Jane, Dean

Ultimate football consisted of Ultimate frisbee rules, but on a turnover, two burpees or two Lt. Dans. When you score, the scoring player got to lead people in an exercise.

Musings during the game:

Image result for revis island gif
Boone’s Farm will now be forever known as Boone’s Farm Island after an AMAZING Defensive performance.
Image result for mark brunell jaguars
Lovie Reminded me of Mark Brunell in Both Appearance and QB skills. A job well done.
Image result for just a flesh wound gif
Shear Conn (Soul Mate) threw his arm out…but took it in stride…
Image result for cant stop gif
Gilmore after catching the football decided stopping was overrated and kept running to the end zone. In his defense, he was going fast!
Image result for Joe namath hair
Water Wings with the Joe Namath Hair. Not so much the exact look, but the classy hair look with the same Volume of Namath…
Image result for nfl beard
Flipper with best Beard on the Team Award.
Image result for extra effort gif
Jane with the Extra effort award…
Image result for tom brady dropping pass gif
Blue Hen with the Somehow Always Wide Open Award…And Team Awesome’s TD Catch if I remember right.
Image result for Maurice jones drew gif
Cube letting everyone know it’s the size of your chest that matters…not your legs…As he did (2) burpees in 0.2 Seconds
Image result for good sportsmanship gif
Duvet with the sportsmanship award…while constantly dominating but still congratulating others…
Image result for footwork nfl gif
Elaine – Showing off the fancy footwork even though rocky balboas weren’t called…
Image result for red hot nfl gif
Red Hot – Posing for Camera Shot
Image result for coin toss bettis gif
Mulligan at the Coin Toss….

Mary’s of Homer/Marge, Jellyfish, Supermans (Thanks deliverance for making it even more awesome), and Hammers

Announcements: Toto Back tomorrow. Reignite prayers for Alexis – Cancer returned, treatment at St. Jude

Crankbait took us out.

An Honor to lead,


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