End Zone to End Zone

Saturday June 15th

11 Pax including the Q came out for a little End Zone to End Zone workout.

Dust in the Wind (Lucky Charms), Strawberry Shortcake (Blue Hen), Potty Time (Gilmore), Stinkler (Sprinkler), Fitted Sheet (Duvet), Two Pac (Checkbook), June Cleaver (Doubtfire), Butterfly Princess (Slice and Dice), Big Perm (Epstein), Double Hernia (Special Ed), Crazy Train (Sludge)

Traveling Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops, Seam Rippers, Dean Vigodas, Stretching Sun Gods, Traveling Chinooks, Traveling Frankenstein’s, then moseyed to the Football Field for the Thang.

When we got into the End Zone the pax saw coupons staged on the 50 yard line then the complaining started (my feet are going to get wet, is there mud, did someone bring juice boxes, this is along way away from the bathrooms, coupons are heavy, I should have stayed home, wish I was at home, Why do we keep changing names, Who is in charge?).

The Home Teams End Zone

5 Plank Destroyers


15 Thigh Masters ea. leg

20 Merkins

25 Bobby Hurley’s

The Away Teams End Zone

5 Exploding Lt. Dan’s

10 Plerkins

15 Cindy Crawfords ea. side

20 Plank Jacks IC

25 Slunges

We laddered up in each End Zone with a run to the 50 yard line after each set, alternating 5 Blockies and 10 Sloth Curls on the way back. Great job by the pax so we decided to ladder down with a backwards run and 10 military press each 50 yd line pass.

Moseyed to the basketball court for Mary

LBC’s, Low Dolly’s, Plank, Chill Cut, American Hammers


Move on the July 6th Dr. Evil is in charge/CPR training dates to be announced Mulligan in charge.

Man hands, Tramp Stamp, High School kids on Mission Trip, and all of the Fathers out there.

Pleasure to lead and belong to this group.

Crazy Train formally known a Sludge

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