Backblast: Ivey Redmon 6/12/2019 – Presidential Fitness Awards

9 Pax enbarked on what was supposed to be a blast from the past, but really is was just some strung together exercises that somewhat modeled what we did in PE class as kids. Crawdadday, Dean, Gilmore, Shear Conn, Fudd, Sludge, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Duvet (QIC).

Warmorama consisted of:

  • X Jacks X15
  • Sun Gods
  • Runner’s Stretch
  • Butterfly Stretch
  • Under the bridge/Seam Rippers
This is what the Pax feel like when doing X Jacks … also Crankbait mentioned he has pom poms in the trunk of his vehicle. We should ask about this.


Complete the exercises needed to become fit like the presidential awards for PE class. Everyone was a winner today.

  • Run the mile (down to the road and back) – we stopped at quarter points to do squat hold, plank hold, and monkey humpers
  • Pull ups for a minute – lots of groans and chatter about holding pullup instead of doing the exercise
  • V-sit and reach OYO – we did not partner up like once in a blue moon … FYI V-sit means legs in a V formation, not a spread eagle formation for those that need that clarification
  • Merkins to fail – we may have made it through 20 … 25
  • Shuttle Run/Race – place gloves down 5 parking lot lines, chase for a glove, bring back, gather next glove, bring back. Rinse and repeat at the 7 or 8 line marker
  • Standing broad jump – Lucky reminded us when a girl would lay down in front of them to jump over them … hence the name broad jump
  • Benchs for
    • 15 Tricep dips IC – run around the building
    • 10 step ups each leg – run around the building
    • 15 Irkins – run around the building

Down to the lower lot for Mary:

  • LBC’s – 15 IC
  • Crunchy Frogs (really so we could see Dean’s jellyfish version of these)
  • Cindy Crawford both sides
  • Hammer’s X12 IC

Prayers for:

  • Toto’s return (do we want to have a sooiree of sorts celebrating his return?)
  • Trampstamp and Manhands – keep them lifted up boys
  • Duvet and family for healthy baby

Gent’s – it’s a pleasure to lead. I’m honored and humbled each time.