Iron Sharpens (and lifts) Iron

24 PAX Madoff, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Gilmore, Cousin Eddie, Wham-o, Shear Conn, Fortran, Fudd, Water Wings, Duvet, Boones Farm, Jane, Dr. Evil, Jeremy (FNG – Lovey), Checkbook, Alex (FNG – Shortbread), Elaine, Chipper, Flounder, Dean, Florida, Kay, Epstein

The masses followed behind the always-intimidating Kay for a leg day that won’t be soon forgotten based on the mumblechatter that continued through most of the day on slack. Five PAX joined YHC over in the FNG parking lot for three less-than-cool rounds of tabata. These included Cousin Eddie, Flounder, Duvet, YHC, and first-timer Madoff. Madoff was obviously preparing for his next competition bringing in the big 5 oz bricks for resistance… Our accompaniment consisted of some ballads and other great 80’s hair band tunes that even Dr. Evil would have been fond of.

The work consisted of three rounds of three exercises, each done three times with 40 seconds of work followed by 14 seconds rest

Round 1: Curls (thanks Duvet for the baywatch form inspiration) – Shoulder Raises – Overhead Tricep Extension

Round 2: Squats – Calf Raises with Shoulder Shrugs – Lunges

Round 3: Dumbbell Punch – American Hammer – 6-inch leg hold with weights on legs (crowd pleaser)

Lots of fun and sweat was had by all while we enjoyed a count-free start to our Mondays

Announcements: Moving a woman July 6 (many hands make light work), 5K before the parade on July 4 (sign up that morning if you lack commitment), prioritize the upcoming CPR training (be on the lookout for a date on slack from Mulligan)

Prayers: Toto and family travels on the 18th, Sam Jenkins and family, Gilligan and family, Far Side, Man Hands, Tramp Stamp

It’s an honor and privilege to be able to be a part of this great group of men! Thank you all for the sharpening you provide me each week!

Big WELCOME to our newest FNGs Lovey and Shortbread!



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