Flash Bang Friday 6-7-19

There were 25 pax that posted this morning.

Crawdaddy, Madoff, Fortran, Dean, Boons Farm, Kay, Water Wings, Checkbook, Lucky Charms, Farside, Sprinkler, Tardy, Gilmore, Pacer, Florida, Crankbait, Epstien, Blue Hen, Duvet, Slice & Dice, Cousin Eddie, Radar, Wham O, Dr. Evil, and Sludge

Started with a little mosey.

Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops, A Marathon of Sun Gods and Chinooks, Cotton Pickers, then Checkbook’s patent move.

Pax was put into their workout groups and then another short mosey.

There were five groups and five coupons. A line was to be formed behind each coupon. The exercises that were performed at the coupons were #1 Colt 45’s, #2 Tricep Press, #3 Blockies. After doing the 1st coupon exercise the pax member was to wait until the rest of the pax working with coupons were done and then they would all sprint to end of parking lot and come back to the end of the line. While they were doing the coupon work the pax would perform the following exercises. Merkins, Orangutan Squats, WWII, Shoulder Taps, Thigh Masters, ABC’s, Plerkins, Lt Dans, LBC’s, Caronlina Dry Docks, Copper Head Squats, Cindy Crawfords, Worst Merkins Ever, Slungess with a Squat, and Crunch Frogs alternating with the change of each coupon worker. When the coupon group sprinted/jogged/moseyed/walked/Crawled and most often complained the pax alternated with each group (hold plank, legs 6″, and a Cambodian Squat).

Marry: American Hammers

COT: Duvet 2.0 ultrasound, Farside spiritual retreat, Man Hands, Tramp Stamp,

July 6th Move Dr Evil Leading It

Gilmore lead us out.

Always an Honor and Privileged to Lead


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