Backblast – Poison Ivey -“5,10,15” Weds – 6/5/19 Ivey Redmond Sports complex

Pax: Crankbait, Shearcon, Chipper, Gilmore, Dean, Duvet, Elroy, Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

9 charming, witty and spry Pax gathered under threatening skies to get this party started.  No FNGS present a disclaimer was totally phoned in.  QIC made it known that he was neither morally enclined or physically able to lead the Q but would do so none the less.


The inner Crankbait and Crawdaddy.

Short lap around the lower lot alternating right, left (no your other left).. and backwards to circle up.


10 X SSH, Dean Vigotas (3 count), Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Hurdler Stretch and Chinooks.


Tiny mosey to bottom of hill incline.

The Thang:

Bottom of hill 5 Burpees, then up to level area 5 Split Jacks, repeat, 10 and 15 at the top..

Crowd really loved this, as noted by the bitching and silence, so we doubled down.. Repeat, but Capuchins at the top for 5,10,15.  Found lack of mumble chatter awkward, then brought myself in as the 6 to see Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Elroy and Duvet waiting on me.


Nice work fellas.  That’s Lucky on the far right BTW…  He’s a real treasure.

On to station 2. Shelter tables.

At tables down the stairs and back up..  at top 3 rounds of 5/10/15

Derkins, Thigh Masters, Erkins..


Shearcon’s view of Chipper…

Mosey to station 3. Pepsi machine.

5 LBC’s as “bottom of hill, then lap around the building into 5-10-15

Jump ups/ step ups, Seal Jacks.

Slowsey to Lower lot


Lower back stretch, Crunchy Frogs which then produced Dean doing performance art of some type which no less than captivated the Pax.


His contortions were newly minted as “jellyfish” which we all then duplicated as a 10 count..

20 American Hammers.

No announcements

Prayer concerns:  Trampstamp, Man Hands, Dr. Evil’s sister, Duvet

Always a pleasure Gents!

Crawdaddy Out.











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