Backblast – Pain in the Park – 6/1/19 – “And we are walking” – a Crawdaddy Production


Pax: Fortran, Shearcon, Hot n’ Now, Sludge, K, Lucky Charms, Duvet, Hobbs, Mulligan, Epstein, Fudd, Blue Hen, Checkbook, Boone’s Farm, Madoff, Slice n’ Dice, Dr. Evil, Special Ed, Crawdaddy (QIC)

19 Pax Embraced a wonderful late spring morning for a low impact Q. After a light and breezy mumble chatter, a disclaimer was sort of issued and the ground rules were established.

2 things became very noticeable at the outset. 1st was that Fortran was going to be extra positive and chatty all morning.


2nd.. that Special Ed was going to be his usual supportive self encouraging the QIC..


The pax formed 2 Indian Walk lines and like a slow dull bullet out of a cork gun, we were off.

A partial park lap led to the 9/11 hero circle for WAR



Side Straddle Hops, Frankensteins, Hurdler Stretch, Butterflies, Imperial Squats and ABES (hold 3 count)

Reform Indian lines …And we are walking…


The Thang:

Location 1 – Track – 15 Erkins – Ameoba Indian Walk 1/2 lap to the pines, 15 Copper Head Squats

Monkey bars – 15 second hang then IW back to pines for 15 Cotton Pickers.. improvised Chinooks in 2nd lap to include Jazz Hands.


Reform lines and head to

Location 2 – Benches – 1 group 15 legs up LBC’s (IC) – other line heads to bars for 15 X Big Boy Situps – switch.. Rinse and repeat.

Anndddd we are walking…


Around the block and ending at the big wall near the Port-o-Coture…

Shoulder Stretch 12 o’clock to 9/3 and all the way down, both hands the same..

Pax really seemed to love this and comments from the peanut gallery were met with the exact appropriate response.


Slowest jailbreak ever was called to Indian Walk to BB court.

6 M-O-M

Low slow flutters, Marge and Homer, LBCS, Supermans to Ironman to include addtitonal Jazz hands. 25 American Hammers


Annoucements – Mulligan on CPR class – he will pick a date, and it’s open to everyone and anyone.

K is managing Toto’s move.  Dr. Evil announced another move on July 6th


Prayers for Toto’s safe travels, Duvet, Chipper’s family, Trampstamp and Slice’n Dice.

Sludge led us out.

Always a pleasure gents…

Crawdaddy out!!